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  • Koby Rickertsen
    RE/MAX Home, Farm & Ranch
    A few years ago, I had the opportunity to travel throughout Central and Western Nebraska. On my travels I passed through so many rural communities and most had a similar theme. There were these amazing historical buildings and almost every town had one or two for sale. The more of these beautiful structures I came upon the more I was convinced that an amazing opportunity was being missed out on right here literally in our backyard. Metro communities are growing at an astronomical rate and with growth comes crowding, noise congestion and stress.

    Technology not only brings instant answers but also the ability to work from virtually anywhere. A good percentage of today's workforce finds themselves not at a desk but at a coffee shop or home office. Since we can work from literally the middle of nowhere, then why aren't we?

    I was reading a book about NUCOR Steel one time and it talked about the reason it moved to the Midwest instead of into the middle of all the other steel production areas of our country. The reason was because of the workforce that it found in and around Norfolk, NE. Imagine when we are looking for call centers and the like if we took some of these spectacular historic buildings we find littered throughout rural Nebraska and set up mini centers that virtually interconnected?

    Over the last few years, Central and Western Nebraska has invested in unreal upgrades to fiber cable and most rural towns are a cheap build away from city communication speeds. I believe the first company to take a look at this out-of-the-box idea is going to find huge savings in property and extremely dependable employees with next level work ethic. Innovation might be found several miles north or south of interstate 80 right here in the heart of agriculture. Something to think about.
  • Koby Rickertsen
    RE/MAX Home, Farm & Ranch
    When looking at the current property inventory in Gothenburg, NE, it is interesting that we are seeing a bunch of potential rental homes available. A savvy investor would take this to mean that the opportunity to purchase these investments is in its prime. Over the years I have learned that people are always looking for homes to rent in our area. Even before I started this career path, I constantly had folks asking me about what was available in town.

    So my advice, if you have ever thought about the potential of owning a few rental homes as an investment, now is an amazing time to check out some of the properties available in our market today. Many of the current investors claim that much of the turn-around work can be done by a motivated investor and local renters tend to stay at least two to three years in a rental home.
    Take some time to check out the risk and rewards and then consider a new opportunity to leverage real estate in your favor. This might be the investment you've been looking for and now you're in a great position to make a move.

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