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  • Jason Rude
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    Downtown Des Moines
    One of the great things about Downtown Des Moines is the amount of art in the area. It makes you feel like the architecture is alive as you're walking around and turn the corner, met with color and images that help express what the city is about. In Des Moines, these murals are regular selfie spots.
  • If you've never been to the Des Moines Farmers Market downtown, you're missing out on a fun morning. A cornucopia of wonderfully prepared hot foods, organics, fresh veggies, fruits, pastries, crafts, live entertainment, mimosa's and bloodies everywhere...and so much more! Pets are welcome too!

    Now, to the nuts and bolts to maximize your trip downtown for this event: Timing - market opens at 7:00 a.m., but several people are there early. I strongly suggest getting there before 9:00 a.m. Parking and getting what you want without long lines is much easier prior to 9:00 a.m., when things really start to ramp up. Now, I don't suggest leaving at 9:00 a.m. as the party is just kicking into gear...but have your staple purchases out of the way and just enjoy the scene.

    Parking - City garages are usually $1/hr on Saturdays. The one at 3rd/Court (the best one) has one exception....if there are other events such as races, festivals, civic center shows, etc, the garage will charge $5 cash only. There is some street parking and lot parking within a half mile of the event, but gets more difficult to find after 9:00 a.m.

    Nearby stuff - Cowles Commons has many events that piggy back the market...big fun! Local restaurants and bars have specials, patio seating, and fantastic people watching. The Principal River Walk is right there, with scenic views, eagles, performing artists, and plenty of room to just chill by the river. If you're coming down, make a full morning out of it!
  • Downtown Des Moines is a bit of a concrete jungle, but there are wonderful outdoor spaces all over. I walk downtown daily, putting on three-five miles every day and I've discovered so many trails that provide a nature buzz right in the heart of the city. Walking the Des Moines River is wonderful with the many trails, the Principle River Walk, and parks providing ample opportunities to discover your nature zen without heading to the burbs or rural areas. Whether fishing, watching bald eagles, running, biking, whatever...downtown gets it done. I can't wait for the City to optimize the river area, bringing all kinds of water sports to downtown.

    While there is a great deal of construction and improvements being made this year, your patience will pay off by 2022. Now is a great time to buy downtown, especially if the hands-free lifestyle interests you. Great selection of condo homes are available and if you're tired of mowing, shoveling snow, vetting contractors to fix stuff, etc...this may be the lifestyle for you.

    Believe it or not, finding a pet-friendly complex is so easy these days. They're everywhere with plenty of river space, dog parks, and trails to get your fur-buddies their exercise. Give downtown a try...I've lived there two+ years and I love it...it's great!
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    Downtown Des Moines
    Downtown Des Moines is a great place to live and play. I have lived down there for more than two years and I may just stay. Things are a little messy right now with all of the bridge updates and construction, but if you love a life full of action and options, downtown is a great place to be. Now is a smart time to buy down here too, because once all of the various projects are complete, purchase prices and lease rates will likely head north fast.

    I utilize everything that living downtown has to offer including trails, food, entertainment, events, and it is quite convenient and a quick commute anywhere in the metro.

    Downtown insights and secret information! Downtown Farmers Market - it's coming, so here's my advice....get there early (9:00 a.m. at the latest) to avoid parking frustration and a 1/2 mile to one mile walk. The garage at 3rd/Court is best, but only takes cash during special events and charges $5 cash only, not the usual $1/hr. Science Center Parking Garage on 5th Street is close too.
  • Jim McDaniel
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    Downtown Des Moines
    Baseball season begins in just a few weeks when the Iowa Cubs hosts the New Orleans Baby Cakes on Tuesday April 9th at 6:38 p.m. Bring on the peanuts and Cracker Jacks!

    Want a sneak peak? Stop by Principal Park on April 6th from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. for the spring open house. This is a free event open to the public and includes free parking. Fans will be able to tour the entire ballpark including the press box, clubhouse, and dugouts. Bring the family and enjoy a free hot dog and small drink to kick the season off right. Each participant will also receive a free general admission voucher redeemable for game ticket in April or for two tickets on opening day.

    Go Cubs!
  • Lisa McDaniel
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    Downtown Des Moines
    Mark your calendars for May 4, 2019, opening day for Des Moines Farmer's Market! If you have never been to the Des Moines Farmer's Market it is well worth your time to experience it. Over 300 local vendors will be there to market their products. You will find everything from fresh locally grown produce, flowers, arts and crafts, and Iowa-raised meat products.

    The Des Moines Farmer's market will run from the first Saturday in May to the Last Saturday in October. For more information and for parking instructions click on the link below:
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    Downtown Des Moines
    There are a lot of really fun places to go in Downtown Des Moines, but if you are a Cubs fan you have to check out the 1908 Draught House! This place has a great atmosphere for Cubs fans, win or lose. Well, we mostly want to fly the W. If you are a Chicago Cubs fan and need to be close to your team, find a place near this establishment!
  • Finally the weather is warming up and it's time to get outside Des Moines! This Saturday, May 7th, the Downtown Farmers Market opens for the season with fresh produce, local wares, entertainment and more! Also downtown on Saturday is the 2nd Annual Food Truck Throwdown. Last year's event had a turn out larger than expected so they have revamped for this year. Food trucks, music and entertainment are all hosted by the Des Moines Social Club. This weekend is a great time to be downtown!
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    Downtown Des Moines
    Iowa Cubs baseball "hits" off their season on Thursday, April 7th, rain or shine! Des Moines is proud to be home for the Triple A baseball team, the highest level in minor baseball leagues, since 1981. The Cubs home, Principal Park, is located downtown at the junction of the rivers.

    An open house for the Cubs will be held this Saturday, April 2nd, where fans can tour the stadium and even walk out on the field, weather permitting. If you've never been up in the sky boxes, now is the time to check it out. The view from above is worth it! Whether you're a baseball fan or not, the Iowa Cubs games are a fun time to remember. Check it out this summer!
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    Downtown Des Moines
    Downtown Des Moines in winter...seems like nothing to do? Sure there is! One activity that is worth the trip is ice skating by the river. Brenton Skating Plaza is amazing! Skating in the open air without the fear of falling into a lake is worth the price! Not only are there open skate times, there are also skating lessons and broomball leagues!

    While ice skating is not my thing, I love the idea that Des Moines offers such a neat winter activity. Enjoy the backdrop of the downtown skyline while letting the air flow through your hair and your feet glide under you. And be sure to warm up with hot chocolate when you're done!
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    Downtown Des Moines
    Before the big meal on Thursday, check out these events our awesome city has to offer:

    Gift Mart Junior League of Des Moines:
    Thursday, November 19 - Saturday, November 21
    Iowa Events Center

    Downtown Winter Farmer Market:
    Friday, November 20 and Saturday November 21
    Kaleidoscope and the Hub

    Iowa's Largest Craft Show:
    Friday, November 19 - Sunday, November 21
    Iowa State Fair Grounds

    Santa's Arrival at Jordan Creek:
    Friday, November 20
    Jordan Creek Town Center

    Living History Farms Race:
    Saturday, November 21
    Living History Farms

    Des Moines Turkey Trot:
    Thursday, November 26 at 9 a.m.
    Downtown Des Moines
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    Downtown Des Moines
    The John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park is my favorite place downtown. It gives you a fresh breath of air from all the hustle, bustle, buildings and traffic normally associated with the area. Fall, spring or summer it's so relaxing to walk through the vast 4.4 acre space and look at each artist's creation. And there is a sculpture for everyone, as they are all so unique. And not only are the sculptures unique, the park itself is unique to the United States. My favorite sculptures, however, are the Nomade and the panoramic awareness pavilion. Not sure which ones these are? Go check it out and find them! And after enjoying the sculptures, I love to grab a bite to eat at one of the escellent restaurants downtown has to offer. Des Moines is truly a wonderful place to live!
  • The smell of fresh sweet corn, the taste of a freshly baked pastry and the sound of rock and roll. It's exactly what you'll find when you're walking down Court Avenue on a Saturday morning May through October. It's a little bit of country brought to the heart of Des Moines. The Farmer's Market brings fresh produce, meats, baked goods, wines, plants, and more right into the heart of the city. There are more than 300 vendors to browse by being entertained by some pretty unique and enjoyable entertainers. But my favorite thing is to forget breakfast and load up while you're shopping with pastries, ice cream and breakfast burritos! Summer is the best time of year for eating; the produce you will find is unmatched since we live in the great farming state of Iowa. So if you haven't experienced country in the city or it's just been awhile, head on down for a little bit of Iowa at its best.
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    Downtown Des Moines
    Western Gateway Park occupies 13 acres and is suitably deemed by locals as the "heart of Downtown Des Moines". This park between Grand and Locust, and stretching from 10th to 15th street, is not only home to the Temple Chess Garden, lush green areas and many trees. You can also find several private areas to relax and enjoy your time. Public space is also available in which you can meet and interact with other people. Expect some of these locals to actually live on this 13 acres, at the Arlington-Mallet Apartments! If you fancy the arts, you can visit the Temple for the Performing Arts, or you may love to visit the Pappajohn Higher Education Center and Sculpture Park. If you're just in the mood to take some time to relax, whether publicly or privately, you can do so at the Central Library. Or perhaps enjoy your new find from the library outdoors by the Runnel Water Feature. Once you visit this park, you will see that the new, modern development mixes beautifully with old buildings that bring so much history to the area. Together, this integration has inspired and will continue to define Downtown Des Moines.
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    Downtown Des Moines
    The Des Moines Public Library has several locations. My favorite location and one that is equally as beautiful as it is useful, is Central Library, a landmark in Downtown Des Moines. The building itself has a truly innovative architecture and functionality. The "green" roof and glass "skin" make the structure unique and beautiful, both from the inside and out. It boasts a vast array of books, magazines, CD's, audiobooks, sheet music, and a huge variety of reference materials. It also rents DVD's and VHS tapes to customers for 7 days at a fee of only $2.00 each! This library is perfect for customers who are 'on the go', as well as customers who would like somewhere to relax for a while. It welcomes customers on a tight schedule with their self-check-out system and free parking for library customers. If you have a little more free time, they're happy to have you spend some of it enjoying their comfortable chairs and great natural light. Central Library also has many convenient workstations with plenty of outlets and free WiFi, making it the perfect place for laptop users who just need a comfortable, quiet place to work. Many Des Moines locals enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee at one of the numerous coffee shops nearby and spending hours camped out at one of the comfortable, convenient areas of the library reading a book or getting some work done. This is definitely one of my favorite places to visit. And on the way, I love that I can enjoy the scenery of the lush and beautiful, Western Gateway Park.
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    Downtown Des Moines
    The Downtown Farmer's Market is nestled in what locals refer to as the "Historic Court District" of Downtown Des Moines. It's success has not gone unnoticed by more than just our community. A magazine that actually included a blog on rachaelray.com, (Midwest Living Magazine), Country Living Magazine and Cityview have all deemed in their articles, that this event is the "BEST" in one way or another. The event recognizes about 300 vendors, of which are all Iowa-based. The market is every Saturday morning between May 3rd and October 25th.
    Gear up! This event is unaffected by the weather! If it's the type of weather that calls for you to bundle up in a sweatshirt, bring along your rain coat and umbrella or the kind that makes you wish there was a lemonade stand at every corner as you sport the scent of sunblock and combat the heat and humidity in your shorts and sandals, you can expect nothing less than to be engulfed in an influential atmosphere.
    It's an amazing experience that surrounds you with the nicest and most hard working people you will meet. (Plus, if you get there early enough, you can enjoy the sunrise downtown, see the sun peeking through the buildings and casting shadows beyond the beauty of them. Also, you can enjoy lots of different foods, baked goodies, meats, and tons of conversation!) At the market, camaraderie comes naturally, not only between the vendors, but also with each and every volunteer, staff member and patron. During this time, you feel as though you can actually see the aura of Downtown Des Moines, seemingly glowing with radiance that is created by the luminescence of each participant within. It is truly something quite unique and special.

    A friend of mine shared what her experience was like, as she had an opportunity to volunteer. She said, and I quote, " It was amazing. The people are very welcoming, genuine and friendly! The minute you enter the atmosphere, you can feel the passion of those around you. They truly love what they do, and do what they love. There is a lot going on and something for everyone! Volunteering was so fun and I felt proud that I could be a participant in such a feel-good event! It felt great to give back to the vendors, as they provide much more to our community and state than just their product. They bring with them a contagious and upbeat attitude. I feel that every vendor takes pride in their life and surroundings, and is a true role model of hard work ethic. I look forward to being there as much as possible this year, and every year after!"
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    Downtown Des Moines
    Simply celebrate the arts!! The Des Moines Arts Festival gives back to the community in such a great way! The set of core values are important to those who manage the festival and really make it a special event each and every year. The festival takes course over a matter of days during the summer. This year the event was from June 27th - 29th, and located in the heart of Downtown Des Moines, the beautiful and lush, Western Gateway Park (12th and Locust).

    At the Des Moines Arts Festival, you will find visual arts, performing arts, interactive arts, live music, and much more. The Arts Festival is very appealing to all people! Regardless of the ages, types, cultures, or backgrounds, the festival offers something of interest to everyone! We might find that even if we are different in certain areas, we have a commonality, the interest and inspiration in the arts! Because of it's location, the festival also offers great local eateries and shops for patrons to visit and observe as well! The festival is a must-attend for thousands, and the amount of people who attend is astonishing, yet managed with flying colors.
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    Downtown Des Moines
    The 80/35 Music Festival is a Downtown Des Moines staple! Founded in 2004, this festival has far surpassed the goals initially set forth by its founders, Des Moines Music Coalition. It's located in the heart of Downtown, at Western Gateway Park (12th and Locust). The timing for it is perfect, and occurs near the 4th of July holiday. This year the event was on the 4th and 5th of July!

    Travelers of all ages and types, trekking from near and far to this sought-after festival, come to enjoy not only the music, but the activities, booths, local eateries and shops, and meet and greet tents. It is they who understand the excitement and overall experience that this festival provides to its thousands of loyal and fun-seeking fans. This is much more than a music festival; it's about more than the music. It is a celebration of inspiration and creativity in our city. It celebrates the rejuvenation of life in and of Downtown Des Moines.
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    Downtown Des Moines
    Triple A baseball is the highest level minor baseball league. Beginning in 1981 the Iowa Cubs became affiliated with the Chicago Cubs, and they play their home games at Principal Park, located downtown, where the Raccoon and Des Moines Rivers meet.

    The level of play is the closest you will find to major league play, these players are on their way to playing for Chicago, or a backup player when the Chicago Cubs need a player because of injury or trades.

    The Iowa Cubs play in the historic Pacific Coast League which has been playing baseball since 1905, and in 1945 it was considered on the same level as the American and National league, but as expansion extended towards the west, and teams like the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants moved out west in the 1950's, it became a Triple A minor league.

    Many future stars and Hall of Famers have played for Iowa or the teams they play.

    Players like, Greg Maddux, Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, Joe Carter, Rafael Palmeiro, Mark Grace, Doug Glanville, Joe Carter, Corey Patterson, Carlos Zambrano, Kyle Farnsworth, Kerry Wood, Steve Trachsel, Tuffy Rhodes, Bruce Kimm, Shawon Dunston, Héctor Villanueva, Mark Prior, Sam Fuld, John Grabow, and Rod Beck played for the Iowa Cubs

    Chicago Cubs players have played here when on rehab assignments like Derrek Lee, Daryle Ward, Alfonso Soriano, Kerry Wood, Mark Prior and Ryan Dempster

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